IMG_0025Our Carport Services

All kinds of standard sizes are available – both in single and multi-entry carports.

What sets us apart when it comes to building Carports?

Here at JK Building we are known for our flexibility and customized approach. We can tailor make a carport to best suit your needs, we aren’t restricted to our standard sizes. We take the Formsteel product and get the best from it.

Single carports with a floor area 20 square meters or less (measured at the inside of the posts) Now do not require a building consent! We can even build a small double carport that has a roof area 5.4m x 5.4m with the posts set in 750mm from the ends so that it has a floor area of 19.65 square meters without needing a building consent.66

We can also process the council building consents when required, takes all the stress and paper work out of it.

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